Thursday, March 22, 2012

The War against gravity

So, Gordon, tell me a bit about yourself.

I grew up in an apple farm.
I already feel envious... How many did you eat each day?
I only ate the ones that didn't fall down.
So you picked them right from the trees...
Not exactly.
What do you mean?
I only took the ones that were ready but didn't want to fall.
Were they fighting gravity?
It was a war.
Tell me more!
There were bees, there was wind and magic carpet dreams.
All in one? Sounds like a collage.
Lo-fi magic, where the carpets creep up from floor to wall.
Can you fly? And, what about this mirror beehive? Shouldn't it be a ball?
There's one inside, over the honey seat
Can I drive?
You can't know where you're going if you don't know where you've been.

Peacock like lights.

Mirrored beehive.

The War Against Gravity, by Gordon Harrison Hull.
I walked into Rockefeller Center's Anthropologie as I always do when I visit NY, excited to see what they were exhibiting in their small gallery space. It took some strong will not to climb onto the Magic Peacock Tricycle and take it for a spin.

A couple of days after arriving home I needed to satisfy my curiosity about this artist. Who is he and why? Little did I know that I would bump into a bag full of tricks. Turns out that Mr. GHH is the co-founder of Surface-to-Air, a multidisciplinary creative company based in Paris, where they collaborate with great fashion brands like Adidas, Marc Jacobs,  Barneys NY and SUNO, among others.

The cherry on top? This short film for the colored-print-porn infused SUNO, one of my personal favorites. Enjoy! Shut! (How do I embed a video here??? Just click if you're curious.)

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