Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Gypsy Box (AKA: There and back again)

(Jamming session).

The energy is extraordinary!
You're missing all the fun.
I know... I've been sick.
But not today, the day is gorgeous! Take my bike. Wear my helmet.
Mushroom shaped head?
Wrapped tightly around your face.

(Pedaling session).

Back to the academy. Warm-up session starts. Circled round, counting up, clap, point, move.
Brazilian massage??
Stomp, repeat.
Stomp, clap, shout. IMPROVISE.
We're writing a song.
We are what?
You'll see.
Stop the games, now we play.

A M A Z E D !

It's my blog, and I pixelate myself if I want to.

Media workshop: how to make the best MiMa minute videos.

About MiMa Music
First things first... they love to improvise! And through that they turn what seems to be simple games into music. 
But how, how, how? It has taken me a long time to completely understand what makes MiMa's teaching method so special. I had to take a plane and visit their academy in Brooklyn to experiment it first hand. 

Here's what they have to say about themselves: MIMA Envoys travel around the world and use music improvisation and media to engage and enrich communities. MIMA started in 2000 at Princeton University and has grown into an international network of envoys, teachers and musicians in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Cyprus, El Salvador, Greece, and the USA.

For more information, click here now, now, NOW!!!

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