Sunday, March 18, 2012

Home is where the paint is (AKA: the night we all got out of our comfort zone)

Did you know this is the same place from "Shame"?
I'm so sorry! I didn't know.
Why is your sweater wearing moth holes?
Why is your english worse than mine?
Is that napkin flat? I would like to turn it into a three-dimensional something.
I'm sorry I have to go... I need to help a friend paint his apartment.
But I want to talk about Ohio.
There is the restroom, and yours has a better view.
Can I be part of the trilogy?
Maybe just part 2.
It will do.
(Drink, drink, eat. Draw, draw, draw).
What wonderful taste in wine!
(Little Prince up so high talking to the ones to his right).
We're making a movie.
I want to help paint the apartment too!
(Remove the color from the eyes).
Jump in, here's the address. No one understands. The uninvited girl saves the day.
I don't know who she is!
(Splat, splat, splat. Color flying all around).
Please remove whatever is nice. Plastic bag, refrigerator's back. Vintage french purse gets left behind.
I still don't know who she is...
Dance, dance, dance.
It needs to get crazier. Stalk the mohawk guy...
Scarf no more. Lost in site.
Please give the camera back.
Ceci la camera.
Parlez-Vous aussi? Très bien. Oh la la!
Sprüngli comme-ci, Zurich comme-ça.
Time for bed. Nose so red, boots so high (removed once to measure real life).

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