Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"My take on the evolution of species" - A (mock) National Geographic interview.

In true Darwinian style, I started studying plants that yet not exist but will soon be around. If he studied the evolution of our past I have the right to study the future... right?

Here's an excerpt of what my interview with National Geographic would be like:

NG: So... you say you have studied the future of species? is that right?
Me: Of course, look!
NG: Yeah... Those look like doodles to me... are you serious?
Me: What do you mean? Of course I am. I spent hours playing with my watercolors, and I hate wasting my time (I smiled and sort of closed my eyes as I tilted my head up towards my right, like my answer was the smartest thing this man had ever heard).
NG: What scientific proof do you have that plants will evolve towards that level of personalization?
Me: Well... they need to do something about their boring ways or they will completely be replaced by holograms. I already threw mine away.
NG: That doesn't mean they will start behaving like spoiled pets.
Me: Yes, they can be very spoiled... and they will!
NG: How long have you been working on these botanical experiments in your lab?
Me: Lab?.. Nooo, that's the bar.
NG: So you have not been working on any botanical experiments?
Me: But I'm planing to (once again I smiled).
NG: Ok, thank you for your time, I am leaving now.
Me: Will I be featured in the cover? 

(Door slamming).

Friday, October 7, 2011

A little birdie told me...

We are all no one till someone thinks that we're someone...

 Until there we are no one.

Do you wear what you believe in, or do you believe in what you wear?

A non-sensical Friday. Gotta go back to my brushes... Ciao!

Monday, October 3, 2011

¡Covadonga, estas pingada!

- ¡Covadonga!
- ... (splash, splash)...

- ... (squish, squish)...
- ¡Covadongadonga, estas pingada!
- ... (still no reaction from Covadonga)...
- A ver, a ver... a la casa Covadonga, que estas pingada ¡Covadonga! ¡A la casa!
- (Covadonga, dripping in chlorine-infused water, slowly walks back, dragging her feet in obvious disagreement with the instructions given).

Not Covadonga, this is Hanneli. ...................... This is Covadonga (up here).

pingar v. intr.
  Colgar o estar suspendida una cosa: a ver si te arreglas el bajo de la falda porque te pinga por delante. Pender.
  Gotear una cosa o una persona que está empapada en algún líquido: llovía mucho y llegué a casa pingando.
  Brincar, saltar.