Friday, March 30, 2012

Please, do not touch the thermostat...

...for the temperature is perfect now.
Those might be your wishes, but April is coming fast, and the room will get warmer, you see that?
It might be April next, but what I long for is June... Won't you also miss March?
It will always be imprinted in the history of my mind.
Like that ocean and the crystal clear blue sky.
Your trip with the lone soul soundtrack.
This building dates from this time back.
They are not aware of what they have! They need to geek life up.
Parenthesis overnight, shake-up ride back.
Medusa clouds following behind.
Huge painting, blue signature by the lower corner at the right.
Cold soup drink, time machine.
Complex time. Backdrop black.
Chose the turbine. 2% white.
Life moves fast, symbiosis molds you into art.

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