Thursday, January 26, 2012

This is not a Taco truck.

No, it wasn't!
That's just what Kylie Durrie made everyone print today in her "Moveable Type" printing house with wheels. After 6 or so months on the road she decided to venture into swampy Miami and parked her unpretentious wonderland right in front of Wynwood's beloved Lester's.

Thanks to and her multiple supporters she was able to transform a beat up Chevy truck into... well, it's best to see for yourselves...

(Not swampy Miami, of course... I just borrowed this one from her website).
Follow her journey here!

Thank you, sweaty guy, whoever you are, for taking my pictures.

Monday, January 23, 2012

3, 2, 1... run like a squirrel!

Director: Imagine that you are in a video game and that monster-of-a-hand wants to grab you and eat you alive!
Moi: I stopped playing video games a while ago...
Director: Just pretend. I know you can do it!
Moi: I'm kind of scared of you... 
Director: Ok, ok... You are going to happily walk that chalky-white body of yours on the sidewalk like it's a beautiful Sunday afternoon...
Moi: It IS a beautiful Sunday afternoon.
Director: As soon as you get to the hand you HAVE to look scared! But REEEALLY scared!!!
Moi: but that's just a graffiti.
Bird on a tree: I think they call it street art. Chirp!
Director: And after you look like you are going to get eaten alive, RUN LIKE A MADWOMAN!
Moi: I don't want to make myself look mad.
Director: Then, RUN LIKE A CAT!
Moi: I have a cat at home, and she only sleeps and purrs... all day long.
Director: Well, you have to run like something.
Camera-man: I'm getting hungry... (opens bag)... nuts, anyone?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

We're repelling, how 'bout you?

Man Repeller: I'm wearing a plastic skirt because I found it appropriate for Miami...
Bird girl: Right on!

Yes, plastic she wore when she paid a visit to Miami's emporium of cool, The Webster. I didn't have time to count how many bracelets were part of those arm parties Leandra carried around while us flamingos sipped her magenta colored cocktails and chatted about fashion trends, her accidental cyber-journalism career and how to save the world.

Is Spring 2012 all about wrapping yourself in polymers? Or, was she wearing that skirt just in case it rained? I dare you to try it and look that cool!

We came, we repelled, we conquered.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Girl scout freaks (minus the cookies)

Girl Scout 1: Is it my imagination, or has my contour been drawn with a segmented line?
Girl Scout 2: Yes, you have indeed been drawn with a fragmented line around that mismatched body of yours. Ha!
GS 1: You monster! how can you laugh? Help me erase it.
GS 3: Before they cut you out... may I have my shirt back, please? I am hating this bore of a top they gave me.
GS 1: Hey! that's my top you're talking about!
GS 4: (Yawn...) You people bore the badge out of me. I'm out of here.
GS 1: Not before you return my shorts!
GS 3: What are you talking about, mismatchy? Those are MY shorts!
GS 1: And I hate these boots!!! it's not even raining!
GS 4: Geez... complain much?
GS 2: I believe the main problem lies in your inability to make the most out of your special condition. Yes, you have been drawn around in a line that surely gets interpreted as a sign that you will be the first one to go, in paper-doll world, but I can assure you that it is not likely to happen.
GS 4: You see? Now chill!
GS 1: I'm not sure about any of this... I'd rather... 

(Scissors cutting around Girl Scout 1).

GS 4: Oops!

This craze of an entry inspired by the beautiful and bizarre (just a tiny bit) display of Jill Sander Navy SS2012 Collection.

Ok, these are clearly not freaks, I just made them look like that for the pleasure of it.
What they are is wearing a collection that was INDEED inspired by Girl Scouts. No, they don't carry any cookies in their tote bags. No, they have not earned any badges that I know of. Yes, that is exactly the conversation that they would have if you were not looking at them right now.