Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Spiller (AKA: the story within the story within)

WOW! Who's responsible for this mess?!
(Silence and a highbrow glance at the attacker).
Who took so long to get from A to Z?
You mean you don't mind the multiple wine spills?
It took forever to read!
Breath deeply and shut your lids.
It makes no sense! It has no point to read within the story that's within.
That's why I need to see a tornado from up close, I'm sure the most interesting things are written inside of it. Not so much a want, it's more of a need.
AND WHAT IS THIS??!! Is this red? is this blue? why is the green creating this grid???
I was drinking and I spilled...
(with a calmer voice now) Terrible accidents happen everyday.
No mishap took place here...
Was this on purpose?
Yes, indeed!

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