Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Road Less Traveled

The most awaited day of the year is here! Or it was... yesterday.
The day was so full of action that I had to wait until today to post what is the most exciting starting point of this year so far. 

The Road Less Traveled is about taking yourself out of your comfort zone in order to expand your ability to absorb the world around you. So many times we rely on routine in our lives and move around the bubbles we create for ourselves. A while ago, without really noticing it, I decided to pop mine up. Months have gone by since I took this turn and it has been a heck of a creative ride. 

This idea is taken even further by opening the first window into what is the most thrilling adventure within the adventure: making public something so personal as it is the creative process (at least for this artist). 

The wonderful people of are hosting what will be my artistic project for this summer of 2012. Just in the first day 6 wondrous supporters have joined this adventure. 

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