Monday, January 9, 2012

Girl scout freaks (minus the cookies)

Girl Scout 1: Is it my imagination, or has my contour been drawn with a segmented line?
Girl Scout 2: Yes, you have indeed been drawn with a fragmented line around that mismatched body of yours. Ha!
GS 1: You monster! how can you laugh? Help me erase it.
GS 3: Before they cut you out... may I have my shirt back, please? I am hating this bore of a top they gave me.
GS 1: Hey! that's my top you're talking about!
GS 4: (Yawn...) You people bore the badge out of me. I'm out of here.
GS 1: Not before you return my shorts!
GS 3: What are you talking about, mismatchy? Those are MY shorts!
GS 1: And I hate these boots!!! it's not even raining!
GS 4: Geez... complain much?
GS 2: I believe the main problem lies in your inability to make the most out of your special condition. Yes, you have been drawn around in a line that surely gets interpreted as a sign that you will be the first one to go, in paper-doll world, but I can assure you that it is not likely to happen.
GS 4: You see? Now chill!
GS 1: I'm not sure about any of this... I'd rather... 

(Scissors cutting around Girl Scout 1).

GS 4: Oops!

This craze of an entry inspired by the beautiful and bizarre (just a tiny bit) display of Jill Sander Navy SS2012 Collection.

Ok, these are clearly not freaks, I just made them look like that for the pleasure of it.
What they are is wearing a collection that was INDEED inspired by Girl Scouts. No, they don't carry any cookies in their tote bags. No, they have not earned any badges that I know of. Yes, that is exactly the conversation that they would have if you were not looking at them right now.

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