Monday, January 23, 2012

3, 2, 1... run like a squirrel!

Director: Imagine that you are in a video game and that monster-of-a-hand wants to grab you and eat you alive!
Moi: I stopped playing video games a while ago...
Director: Just pretend. I know you can do it!
Moi: I'm kind of scared of you... 
Director: Ok, ok... You are going to happily walk that chalky-white body of yours on the sidewalk like it's a beautiful Sunday afternoon...
Moi: It IS a beautiful Sunday afternoon.
Director: As soon as you get to the hand you HAVE to look scared! But REEEALLY scared!!!
Moi: but that's just a graffiti.
Bird on a tree: I think they call it street art. Chirp!
Director: And after you look like you are going to get eaten alive, RUN LIKE A MADWOMAN!
Moi: I don't want to make myself look mad.
Director: Then, RUN LIKE A CAT!
Moi: I have a cat at home, and she only sleeps and purrs... all day long.
Director: Well, you have to run like something.
Camera-man: I'm getting hungry... (opens bag)... nuts, anyone?

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