Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"My take on the evolution of species" - A (mock) National Geographic interview.

In true Darwinian style, I started studying plants that yet not exist but will soon be around. If he studied the evolution of our past I have the right to study the future... right?

Here's an excerpt of what my interview with National Geographic would be like:

NG: So... you say you have studied the future of species? is that right?
Me: Of course, look!
NG: Yeah... Those look like doodles to me... are you serious?
Me: What do you mean? Of course I am. I spent hours playing with my watercolors, and I hate wasting my time (I smiled and sort of closed my eyes as I tilted my head up towards my right, like my answer was the smartest thing this man had ever heard).
NG: What scientific proof do you have that plants will evolve towards that level of personalization?
Me: Well... they need to do something about their boring ways or they will completely be replaced by holograms. I already threw mine away.
NG: That doesn't mean they will start behaving like spoiled pets.
Me: Yes, they can be very spoiled... and they will!
NG: How long have you been working on these botanical experiments in your lab?
Me: Lab?.. Nooo, that's the bar.
NG: So you have not been working on any botanical experiments?
Me: But I'm planing to (once again I smiled).
NG: Ok, thank you for your time, I am leaving now.
Me: Will I be featured in the cover? 

(Door slamming).

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