Thursday, February 23, 2012

Back Street Spice

Yoko Spice: Is that lice dancing all over your head?
Blondie Spice: ...and hers, and yours, and probably your little wide-eyed spicy-Spice too!
Pole Spice: Run for your lives, call Back Street Spice!
YS: But there's something about this one... it has a twinkle in its eyes.
BS: ...are you two together now, or is this a 3-way call?
PS: Is this not what technology is for?
YS: Brava bravisima!

And BS bows to her audience with absolute pride after her most wondeful-est and foreign-est performance of all times... (with a bucket by her side).

You see, my dear readers, some nights you go to bed with lice, some nights you B*rd*t all night, but this will always be remembered as the night when we unofficially welcomed BSS.

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